School Uniform
Class Nursery To U.K.G.
SUMMER Yellow half Shirt with monogram. (Half Red Check Strap Pants) Brown Socks, Black Shoes. Yellow half Shirt with Monogram(Red Check Tunic, Black Shoes, Brown Socks, Black Rubber Band
WINTER Yellow full Shirt, Brown Blazer and Sweater Full Red Check Strap Pants. Brown Blazer, Brown Cap, Brown shocks, Brown half Sweater, Yellow full Shirt, Brown Slacks, Red Check Tunic.
Class I to IV
Summer Half Brown Pant with lining Shirt along with school monogram, black shoes, brown sucks, brown tie, school belt Lining Shirt and brown skirt, belt, tie, brown socks, black shoes, black rubber band.
Summer Full Brown Pant with half lining shirt, tie, School belt, black shoes, brown socks. Brown Skirt and half lining shirt with monogram, black shoes, brown socks, belt, tie, black rubber band.
Brown Kurta, Cream Salwar and Dupatta. Black rubber band, black shoes, brown socks.
Winter Full Lining shirt, Full brown pant, brown blazer and sweater with school monogram Full lining shirt, brown Skirt, Brown blazer and sweater with school monogram, Brown Slacks.
Same as above alongwith brown blazer and sweater and black rubber band
Class (I-XII)
House Dress White Lower and T-shirt as said for houses in school White P.T. Shoes and White Socks Testing